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2014 - Here be dragons!

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Escape from dragon's lair

By Cosmitar
( @cosmitar )

Run away from dragon and avoid the missing parts of the footbridge. Use A and D to move.

Infinite road lights

By Raimon Rafols
( @rrafols, website )

Infinite road lights - js1k 2014 - @rrafols


By Thibaud Colas
( @ThibWeb, website )

A mashup between snake and fruit ninja!


By Koen Kivits
( @koenkivits, website )

A small JS clone of the infamous GORILLAS.BAS game (1991) that came distributed with QBasic. Move mouse for angle, hold button down for velocity.


By Raimon Rafols
( @rrafols, website )

Cuboid - something hacked together for js1k in the last minutes :)


By Martin Forsgren
( @martin_forsgren, website )

Compiler for a small concatenative and purely functional programming language for making visuals. The draw function takes the time, x and y, and returns the color of that pixel. Press Enter to compile…

Buggy Island

By Philippe Deschaseaux
( @ehouais, website )

Strange things happen when you wander on Gosper Island...


By Drew Cattau

Javascript clone of the classic worm / nibbles game. You are a black dragon hungry for dwarves. (The elusive magenta colored dwarves are healthier to eat - they don't count towards your score, but t…

Just a Happy Robot

By Rick van Mook
( @rvmook, website )

Use left and right keys to move and space bar to jump. There's no goal, the robot is just happy to skip around his tiny little world.

Hobbit and Smaug

By gaskar

Hobbit and Smaug, click on hobbits to destroy them

illusory cones

By Jon Faviell
( website )

a common optical illusion

Dragon Fly

By mouminoux
( @mouminoux )

Dragon fly game : press a key to accelerate while falling down

Game of Thrones: Dance of Dragons

By Wiebe-Marten Wijnja
( @W_Mcode, website )

The famous opening song of Game of Thrones, performed by 1 kilobyte of JS


By Philipp
( @_phst, website )

Features a raymarched sphere field and a polyphonic softsynth with polyrhythmic patterns. Voices are modulated pulses.

Highway at Night

By Jani Ylikangas
( @jylikangas, website )

Dragon's eye view of a flight to 3D city.

JS1K Music TV

By Ilan Bar-Magen
( @bArmageddon )

JS1K music TV is a combination of 8bit music and fractal shapes.

889610 shades of red

By misfits

Press 1..9 to zoom, r/g/b to change color, click to place the next color.

Maze Game

By Wyatt George Jameson

Move: arrow keys. Resize your window and refresh for a change of difficulty!


By Reinder Nijhoff
( @reindernijhoff )

Wolfenstein 2D in 2K. You can walk around using the arrow keys. Demo shows procedural textures and map, collision detection and animated doors.

2P games ++

By Max Anton

Four 2-player games in HD! Tic-Tac-Toe, Tic-Tac-Toe 3D, Four in a row and Reversi.

Dragon Poetry

By Manuel Rülke
( @homecoded, website )

Random dragon poetry, clouds, music and effects. No interaction, just enjoy the entertainment.

Bombs and Dragons

By Oliver Zell
( @zOadT )

Arrow keys to move, SPACE to place bomb

Dragon breath

By Damien Fayol
( website )

Take a deep breath.

CHIP8 Compiler/Emu

By Philip Wagner
( @houly, website )

This is an almost complete Chip8 Compiler and Emulator.


By mo4islona
( @mo4islona )


GL Dragon Flight

By Paul Brunt
( @super_eggbert, website )

WebGL version of flight of the dragon


By Lachlan Marshall

A small animation inspired by demoscene visuals

Parallel 2048

By Rebecca
( @veubeke )

A 2048 clone with two boards played in parallel. Use arrow keys or swipe to move tiles and press space or tap to restart. The whole game ends if it ends on either board.

RPG Dragon Battle

By Jason Kaczmarsky
( @JasonKaz )

Fight a dragon with class classic RPG characters! Down to change skill, enter to use skill.

Rival civilizations

By Sergey Chernykh
( website )

Meet the new twist in the old Game Of Life. To start/pause animation hit the spacebar. To setup the battlefield use the keyboard arrows.

twin dragons' life and death

By Lucien Boudy
( @hatscat )

You can interact by clicking and moving your mouse. Work best in Chrome.


By Andrea Venuta
( @veeeeenu, website )

First piece of demo-ish code I've ever released ever: an endless wireframe tunnel run.

CSS2.1 property spellchecker

By Naugtur
( @naugtur, website )

I present a textfield that checks your CSS code as you type and warns when a property name is not on the list of over 100 CSS2.1 properties. (see http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/propidx.html) The list itse…

A mini solar system

By William Chislett
( @willchis )

A simplified model of the solar system. It's definitely not to scale and sadly I didn't have enough space for more planets, asteroids, moons etc...

Heroes and Villains

By Stephen Sherratt
( @sboxbob, website )

Dynamic Partical Demo. Click to restart.

Nyan Cat 1k

By Josep del Rio
( @joseprio, website )

JS version of the popular GIF; the original animation is over 30Kb, but with some JS magic it goes down to 1Kb. Check http://goo.gl/Zw83ZA to see a side by side comparison with the original one.


By Felix Woitzel
( @Flexi23, website )

DragonDrop is a progressive image-based L-System type fractal renderer.


By Anders K
( @and3k5, website )

My very first project for js1k

Dragon's Treasure

By Marijn Haverbeke
( @marijnjh, website )

Platform game based on http://www.lessmilk.com/10/ . Arrows to move. Gather all gold coins to win.

dragon injector

By gion
( @gion, website )

It's a very simple & basic dependency injection script. It's nothing fancy, but once you tasted DI, you can't live without it. This is what I actually use for my non-angular projects.


By Diogok
( @diogok, website )

Play with arrows, it is something like tron lightcycles race, but with a really dumb opponent.


By Bence Szabo
( website )

Escape from the fiery breath of the dragons chasing you.

Dragon Blood

By euvl


By Paulo Falcao
( @paulofalcao, website )

So, I decided to do a 1k webgl version of my JS1K entry I did in 2010, http://js1k.com/2010-first/demo/704. This version also adds reflections, and some fake soft shadows.

Rain drops

By Ashley Bryant
( @ashesid, website )

The first few drops of rain fall against an orange sky. Everything is burning as something casts a shadow over the world...

Qubic - (No WebGL)

By José Carlos Nieto
( @xiam, website )

A simple exercise on 3D and perspective. No WebGL is required.


By P. Envall
( @npup, website )

A stab on the suddenly famous "2048" game, in 938 bytes.


By Reinder Nijhoff
( @ReinderNijhoff )

Minecraft in 1k javascript showing water, hills, trees and fog.

Dragon Scales

By Evan Hahn
( @EvanHahn, website )

Play music on the dragon's scales! Click the squares to change your song.

Flying Dragons

By Richard van der Dys
( website )

Simulation of flocking dragons which breath fire!

Choose your princess

By Siorki
( @Siorki, website )

Morphing animation between two portraits of unknown princesses.

7 Dragons

By Rauri
( @raurir, website )

7 Dragons flew in from the south.

Chinese Dragon

By Pat Cullen
( @patcullen, website )

Dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore. They are typically portrayed as long, scaled, serpentine creatures with four legs.


By Fredrik Karlsson
( @kaibaLAB, website )

Interactive physics demo. Initially, the objects are floating weightless in space. Click to toggle gravity on or off.


By Keith Clark
( @keithclarkcouk, website )

Press LEFT/RIGHT and UP arrows to fly the ship into the cavern and locate the pod. Hover just above the pod while holding DOWN to grab it then thrust away and escape to space.


By John R. D'Orazio
( @Lwangaman, website )

Dragon fractal is drawn in steps (16 iterations), then "DragonFractal" is drawn all over the screen until it creates a firelike effect


By Johan Nordberg
( website )

2048 clone in 2048 bytes (arrow keys to play)

Marcel VS Dragons

By MonsieurLuge
( @monsieurluge )

** Marcel VS the Ugly Angry Little Dragons ** Slain as many ugly-angry-little-dragons as possible before you die (Yes, you'll die... sorry) ! Use the arrow keys to move and click to fire a bullet. Be…

2P games classic

By Max Anto

Four 2-player games fitting in 1k! XnO (Tic-Tac-Toe), XnO 3D, Find 4 (Four in a row) and Flip (Reversi)


By Zolmeister
( @Zolmeister, website )

A speed reading tool to reach 500wpm

Executive Chrome Clicker

By Daijiro Wachi
( @watilde, website )

The executive ball clicker with Chrome Logo.

Dragon Ball

By Michael Beeuwsaert

All seven mystical Dragon Balls.

Black dragon flight

By Piotr Stosur

Black dragon flying and breathing fire. All parts are generated from sine based functions with time as parameter for animation.

Swirling Dragon Fractals

By Astusvis

Four tiled dragon curves spinning.

Classic Snake Game

By Amanda Muir
( @WolfGirl86, website )

Classic snake. Use WASD to move. Stops moving if you lose.

The Dragon is watching you !

( website )

Dragon is watching you, move your mouse and feel the fear ! Better experience in 1920*1080 ...

Shimmering Scales

By Jack Rugile
( @jackrugile, website )

Overlapping rotated squares create a scaly look. Add some math and majesty, and they come to life.

Mini JSfiddle with localStorage

By Iwo Kadziela
( @ikadziela )

Online Code Editor that enabled editing HTML, CSS, and JS in browser and shows a live preview. It uses localStorage to store or cache your code and it includes buttons to view the full source code, vi…

YASS (yet another simple shmup)

By Luis Toledo
( @digitalcth, website )

A simple shmup 'game' with:

Panzer Dragoon 1k

By greweb
( @greweb, website )

"Panzer Dragoon 1k" is a 2D remake of Panzer Dragoon. GOAL: Use your Dragoon to prevent enemies from escaping.

Pirates and Dragons

By Will Mitchell
( @wakamoleguy, website )

Sail the high seas, firing cannonballs while fighting fire-breathing dragons.


By Eric J. Basti
( @ericjbasti, website )

Particles fall from above into darkness occupied only by one. The particles are emitted from a central point you can control with your cursor or finger, particles that become trapped in the orb become…


By James Counihan
( website )

By the old gods and the new! Press Daenerys to invoke the wrath of DRACARYS

Escape from the dragon's lair

By Szabolcs Marinka

A mouse based arcade game, just pull the cursor through the gray path as fast as you can without running out of the line. You can start from both endpoints.


By Aaron Dilley

Generates a random full screen tessellation.


By Frederick Polgardy

Click anywhere on the board to launch your missiles. You have 8 moves to clear all 50 pieces off the board. Can you eliminate them all?

WebGL PingPong Buffer

By Flexi
( @Flexi23, website )

This is a video feedback loop. That means, in the shader code, you can process the previous frame. Minimal action here: An interactive circle cursor and a fadeout of 2% per frame. This will not be my…

Bring A Map

By Chris Hallberg
( @crhallberg, website )

A randomly-generated text adventure. Go cautiously. Pack a map. Here there be dragons.


By Eben Packwood
( website )

A computational fluid dynamics simulation, using the Lattice Boltzmann methods.

Dragon Pong

By Alaa-eddine KADDOURI
( @Ezelia_, website )

A classic Pong remake with a little twist :). UP/DOWN = move | Forward = fire dragon

Flight of the dragon

By Paul Brunt
( @super_eggbert, website )

A Dragon's eye view of a flight through the mountains (Sorry if it's slow)

Broken television text effect

By K.S. Richard
( website )

A broken television text effect demo

Road Hell

By Sir Anthony
( website )

Use WASD to move to avoid of traffic accident. Press any key to begin or r to restart. Stay close to the right to get more points.


By Nokeya
( website )

Сolor-changing light bulbs. Use LMB + drag to lead the direction, wheel to change brightness.

Tasty Donuts

By Matt DesLauriers
( @mattdesl )

Raymarching shader. See here for details:

Dragonfly | Dancing atoms

By M

Dragons made me think of Bromo-Dragonfly so here it is in 3D with psychedelic colours.

tiny dragons [fireflies]

By Laxminarayan G Kamath A
( @kamathln, website )

UPDATE 2: Better mouse follow. A pinch faster on Firefox on slow machines.


By Viktor Kovacs
( @kowik1984, website )

Click to generate new random shape.

Tapedragons' mountain

By Mark Vasilkov
( @mvasilkov, website )

Such dragons. So soaring. Very mountain. Wow.

Connect Four - ++ version

By John Slegers
( @johnslegers, website )

A simple 2 player version of the game "Connect Four" (also known as "Captain's Mistress", "Four Up", "Plot Four", "Find Four", "Fourplay", "Four in a Row" and "Four in a Line").

Dragon Curve Dances

By bana
( website )

Generating and drawing a binary sequence that represents the dragon curve fractal. Giving some parameters and color to the demo make it playful.

Dragons roam

( website )

Dragons are traveling in the canvas. Use the mouse click to attract them.

Mahjong nano

By Bubori Attila
( @buboriattila )

Mahjong nano: Find stone pairs. Remove all stone to win! New game - refresh site. :)

html5 snow globe

By Philip Kretz
( website )

A simple snow globe demo drawn in a html5 canvas. Press mouse button to shake the globe and release button to let it snow - then enjoy it!

Flappy Colours

By Joel Lovera
( @loverajoel )

it is a funny and colorful version of the Flappy Bird

Flying Fireworm

By platane
( website )

Death and fire if I catch your mouse!


By Andrey Shuster

Toppler clone, was popular in Russia by the name "Perestroyka"

Connect Four - Classic version

By John Slegers
( @johnslegers, website )

A simple 2 player version of the game "Connect Four" (also known as "Captain's Mistress", "Four Up", "Plot Four", "Find Four", "Fourplay", "Four in a Row" and "Four in a Line").


By Rob Glazebrook
( @robbyg, website )

A tribute to Trogdor the Burninator. Flames burn across the countryside, reducing the green to ash. Refreshing will generate a new random landscape and flames. Flames are basically a Game of Life sim,…

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator

By Attila Bubori
( @buboriattila )

Type your latitude, longitude, timezone and calculate your locally sunrise and sunset times.

Conway's Game of Life

By ThatRandomGuy
( @_TRGuy, website )

Conway's Game of Life using the Canvas API (source in portuguese)

Floppy Dragon

By xem
( @MaximeEuziere, website )

Click (or tap or press any key) to guide the dragon through the cave and avoid obstacles. Tweet your high score on #FloppyDragon!

Flight of the Dragon Curve

By Daan van Berkel
( @daan_van_berkel, website )

Draws the classic Dragon curve fractal.

Super Ski Man

By Philip Kretz
( website )

To the time of Russian winter games... a ski man has to reach the finish line, which is hidden after dark and dangerous trees.


By Onelio de Marchi Junior
( @oneliojr )

Avoid the pink squares. LEFT and RIGHT to move.

A Tiny Game of Life

By David Vokoun
( @_muhu, website )

A tiny implementation of Conway's Game of Life: Click to toggle cells, f to run and step forward, a to animate, d to edit your current starting pattern, and s to start fresh.

RNG Dungeon Generation

By Matti Leppänen
( website )

Simple Random dungeon generating animated.


By Mauricio E. Fontana
( website )

Like a sunflower seeds simulation, nature use 137,5077 angle to generate the most efficient arrangement of seeds AND, has not calculators like us. Enjoy it, you have it around you all the time.

Sunset Flight

By Anthony Mann
( @objectCreate, website )

Old-school 3d dragon!

Orb Crusher

By Daniel Bali
( @balidani )

Click on groups of 3+ orbs to demolish them. Try to get as few remaining orbs as possible. Re-scale the window to get a different puzzle size.

1K Boing Ball

By Nikola Fox
( @juusu )

Pressing 1-9 changes shapes; Cursor keys change rotation speed!

Eye Of The Dragon

By Kevin Roast
( @kevinroast, website )

Dare you look into the flames and see the eye of the dragon!


By Evan Coonrod
( @evanplus )

Tribute to Threes! for iOS. Use arrow keys to slide tiles. Combine 1 and 2 to form 3, 3 and 3 to form 6, and so on. Each move adds a tile; the game is over when no moves remain.

Dragon Stash

By Matt DesLauriers
( @mattdesl )

A raymarched 3D scene of a Dragon's egg and gold stash.

Endless Run

By Ben Alvarado
( @ben_alv, website )

A demo inspired by old school dungeon crawlers like Wizardry and Akalabeth.

Flappy Dragon

By Adam Howard
( @skattyadz, website )

Flappy Dragon is a Flappy Bird inspired 1k game. Click to flap your wings!

Ninja Hopper v2

By Rafael Vilela
( @RafaelVilela5 )

Hold your mouse and then release it to jump through and avoid the walls.


By Richard Sudaryono
( @gamehelp16, website )

This is just some sort of "RPG" Map but with ASCII art.


By subzey
( @subzey )

Interactive demo. Hold mouse button for flaming dragon breath

Dragon Flight

By Elias Schütt
( @elias94xx, website )

Use your mouse to avoid the obstacles! A detailed explanation of the source code will be published on my blog soon. Compressed with JSCrush.


By Damien SEGUIN
( @damienseguinme, website )

Flappy Square: use any key to move the yellow square, avoid green pipes. Practice your Konami Code. Beat your own high score : )

Dragon Curve

By Elias Schütt
( @elias94xx, website )

Someone had to do it.


By botjao
( website )

Just a triangle with colors.

Fractal Flocking

By Noah Weninger

Just imagine that this is flocks of birds from another galaxy, and not a smoothly animated quadtree. Click and drag to travel through time.


By sugendran
( @sugendran, website )

Control your dragon with W,A,S and D to collect all the dragon balls