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2018 - The Volatile Coin Mine

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Predator' wall clock

By bga_
( @bga_ )

Dont know how they read this numbers. But looks cool

Nikola Tesla Lightning Ball

By Alexey2018

Move your mouse over sphere and enjoy with Nikola Tesla's Lightning Ball simulation


By Jason Plackey

Moneybugs gather as the sun sets, but come dark, only the strongest stick around. Best on Windows under Chrome/Firefox.

bitcoin's folies

By JB__

Renders some bitcoins in a timely fashion then things go weird and universe collapses. Will add sounds next time.

Flatland Space Wars

By Nathaniel

Flatland is under attack by the Rectangulons and you must dip, dive, dodge, and evade your way to the highest of scores lest you become crushed into a 1 dimensional line as your 2D mass explodes into…


By Mathieu 'p01' Henri
( @p01, website )

Run! The spirit of the volatile coin miners come back at dusk, spreading panic in the city. Will you survive another day ? Turn around using the arrow keys.

Math storm

By Fabio Vergani

Trigonometric eye candy.


By Andrés Moreno
( @an3ss )

An elegant pocket calculator with responsive design.

Plundering Sailsman

By David Scott (scotch)

Ahoy navigator! Here be scores of maps revealing the pirates' buried dubloons. Race the gold home afore they return! Use <🔄> to change map/reset. Can you beat 14s in maps 1-3?


By xem
( @MaximeEuziere, website )

Draw a melody, change the base frequency, tempo and waveform, then play and export it as a tiny JS snippet useable in your mini demos!


By raurir
( @raurir, website )

Investors are throwing their money into the volatile market, beware the trawling CryptoMonster

The search for Golden Coins

By Manel Vilar
( @galchwyn, website )

Move the arrow keys for getting the Golden Coins!

Nefertiti 1kb

By romancortes
( @romancortes, website )

The Nefertiti Bust in 3D


By Tom Esterez

A basic snake game


By Xen
( @Xen_the )

Volatile Visions, Volatile Sounds.

Super Coin Pusher 1k

By Mark Hns
( website )

Click top area to drop coins - Push them off the edge to win.

The sound of chaos

By Siorki
( @Siorki )

Upload any image and listen to how it sounds. Procedural chaos provided as example.


By cantelope
( @c4ntelope, website )


Little B

By Vik

Inspired by original Bomberman game; Use arrows for moving and space bar for placing bombs...And try to not be caught...

too big not to fail

By daniele pascal morelli
( website )

Left click: buy. Right click: sell. Read on for details!

Some Flags

By Rodrigo Cornejo

Click anywhere to switch the flag.


By Buca Hajdini
( website )

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine

Mine patterns not coins!

By Sergey Chernykh
( @sergonaut, website )

Play with the input's value. Once the input loses focus you'll enjoy emerging patterns.


By Evan Hahn
( @EvanHahn, website )

Lighting! Press Up/Down to control time. Move the mouse to attract the bolts.

Textual Coinage

By nom de nom
( @nickmofo, website )

"Hold, here’s more gold for thee." -Shakespeare

1k Pool Game!!

By Rodrigo Cornejo

a simple pool game with poor physics!!


By Jason Plackey

While mining for gold coins, you've unfortunately slipped and you're now plummeting to your death. Grab as many coins as you can before you go splat.

Write this game!

By Infernet89
( @inferne89, website )

It's a typing game/quine. Follow the instructions on screen to win the game!


By cantelope
( @c4ntelope, website )

Just a Torus


( website )

Create a musical score. Use select options to add musical notes. "_" means a silence. "END" will stop the song, even if there are notes remaining. Use Play and Stop buttons...

Elemental Forest 2.0

By Richard Sudaryono
( @gamehelp16, website )

Use WASD to move through the infinite forest. Follow the path or not, it's your choice..

Epic cycles

By The Codegolf Team
( @maximeeuziere, website )

"JS1K" drawn by 64 gears. Press up / down to change the number of gears, left to show/hide intermediate paths, right to clear the scene. Use the mouse to draw a (closed) path!

Virtual coin pusher

By Jack Le Hamster
( @jacklehamster, website )

Drop a coin, gain a coin.

Dastardly Dots

By Zolmeister
( @Zolmeister, website )

WASD + Arrow Keys (move and shoot) - dot, dot, boost!

Space Invader Coin Collection

By Felix
( @0x00, website )

The complete space invader coin collection.

Spiked for a Penny

By Noncho Savov
( @FoumartGames, website )

Dungeon Crawler. Use ARROW Keys to Move and SPACE to Wait a turn. Press ESC to restart the game.

Dodge Coin

By Richard van der Dys
( website )

Control player with ARROW keys, throw coin with SPACE, and switch team member with NUM 1-5.


By Raimon Ràfols
( @rrafols, website )

Quick & dirty RT ;)

Black Rock City

By Michael Vogt
( @neophob )

Reload to generate different terrain, use Firefox for best speed

Coins and Boulders

By Andrew Berry
( @andybberry )

The mine is collapsing! Left/right keys and space. Get the coins. Avoid the boulders.

Space fighter

By Frederic
( @fed135 )

Control with arrows, shoot with spacebar.

Micro FXr - [mfxr]

By Keith Karnage

A tiny SFX module using Web Audio. Click to operate. Has noise, square, sine, and saw waves, as well as a pitch shift and tremolo. Will also draw the sound wave to canvas.


By Steven Campbell
( @stuckieGAMEZ, website )

Move mouse to move ship. Fire out front, waste out back. Avoid and shoot the waste!

Mines of Crypto RL

By Nik Coughlin
( @nrknthuk, website )

Arrow keys to move, reload to restart


By Richard Livingston

Shiny coins flying into the air, and falling back down again.

ringtone maker

By krishnan

supports mp3. try slicing sample audio.

Cyber Auroras

By Jani Ylikangas
( @jylikangas, website )

Sunset, northern lights and meteor shower.

Solar Quartet

By yonatan
( @zozuar )

History: http://wa.zozuar.org/tree.php?root=75


By xem
( @maximeeuziere, website )

[seizure warning] Procedurally-generated WebGL shader! (Refresh to generate a new unique shader). The source code shown at the bottom can be copy-pasted on shadertoy.com! The shaders may stay black or…

LCD Coin Miner. Tap to mine when item is in the bo

By Chris Richards
( @ripter001, website )

Inspired by the LCD games from my childhood, comes Coin Miner 2018 for the Apple Watch!

Making it rain

By Lucas

Coins falling from the sky


By madmaw
( @mad_maw )

Ride the Downcoin roller coaster, but watch out for price spikes. How low can you go? Click/touch jumps.

Click and Chase

By Fujimoto Seiji
( website )

Click anywhere to move the spot light. Never let the red dot out of your sight. If you can keep the target within your sight for more than 30 sec, you win.

It's Raining Coins!

By Rob Glazebrook
( @robbyg, website )

Mario dreams of coins.

Mini Fourier

By xem
( @maximeeuziere, website )

Instant Fast Fourier Transform! Draw on the left side (left-click: white / right-click: black), press Alt to draw with squares instead of circles, and use the slider to change the line width. Click th…

Into a black hole

By Nino Camdzic
( website )

Into a black hole

Fill money box!

By michele diegoli
( @morticcino, website )

Try to put coin in a fast money box!

No way but down

By Rain

Use A, S or D to decide in which direction to go! Reload to restart.

My Watchmen Tribute

By Craig Taub
( @craigtaub, website )

Some aspects from the story. Snow, particles and the comedians badge.

Bitcoin Market Sim++

By Davit Markarian (UDXS)
( @UDXStudioDavid, website )

Super Realistic, HD Simulation of Bitcoin Market Value. Play with the sliders to see what happens!

Volatile Buy and Sell

By Joey Albert Abano
( @joeyabano, website )

Play the game buy buying coins based on your available money. Every turn you are losing money as operating cost, you need to survive the game by buying and selling coins within this volatile market.

PopSICLe Language

By Davit Markarian (UDXS)
( @UDXStudioDavid, website )

A Stack-based Canvas Composition Engine #PopSICLe to share creations


By Rex Allison

Use space and arrow keys. Try to land on platform.


By Mark Biesheuvel
( website )

Candlesticks of a very volatile (fictitious) coin.

Wolfenmaze 3D

By Bálint Csala
( @BalintCsala )

Use the arrow keys. Collect the five green dots on the map, then go to the lower right edge.

just do 8

By fc01
( website )

Control with W S A D


By The Codegolf Team
( website )

Match the black patterns with the snake. Use the arrow keys to move and R to restart a puzzle. Can you beat the 55 levels?