JS1k: The JavaScript code golfing competition

2019 - Ten Year Js1k!

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Create some JavaScript program with a max size of 1k and make it do something cool. Submit it before April 2019 for fame and a chance of a prize! See rules for details and existing demos for some cool examples. Entry is free and the rules are simple. Give it a try, it"s really fun!


This year there are a lot of judges who will combined construct the final top 10.

Javier Roman



Ioannis Cherouvim



Damien Seguin



Diego F. Goberna



Frederic Charette



Ateş Göral



Graham Licence



Sugendran Ganess



Josep del Río



Martin Kleppe



Claudio Cañete



Igor Sbitnev




Zoli Kahan



Bálint Csala


Petter Nyman



Philippe Deschaseaux




What's a competition if you can't win anything? Here are the prizes and the awesome companies or people that brought them to you... (Cash paid through paypal or IBAN bank transfer only)

50$ from you?

Ask — What's 50 bucks for any company, really? Ask your boss, ask yourself, ask a friend, donate some money and get everlasting fame on js1k.com


10k ¥

van der Zee — When I suggested I might put up 10k as a prize, my wife asked whether I meant Yen :p So here you go (~80 eur)



Below are the final top10 demos for this compo. Check the overview page to see them all!

canvas Fourier Transform

By Sergey Chernykh
( @sergonaut, website )

Draw your doodle in one stroke and the script will convert it in a set of sinusoids represented on your screen as moving circles.

canvas Guitar synth

By Frederic Charette
( @fed135 )

A guitar synth. Use the keyboard to play the frets.

canvas FlameJS

By Wim van Iersel
( @banaan666 )

Remake of an Assembly/C demo I created XX years ago. Move you mouse around to draw.

canvas sub👏2👏pewdiepie👏

By Richard Sudaryono
( @gamehelp16, website )


canvas Space Fighter Revisited

By Frederic Charette
( @fed135 )

In this new episode, our little ship must now face waves of ennemies. If one gets too close, it's game over. Use the keyboard arrows to rotate and spacebar to shoot!

pure MiniSynth

By xem
( @maximeeuziere, website )

A 3-octave piano & guitar synthesizer with adjustable note length

pure press x to win!

By bga_
( @bga_ )

canvas flux

By Keith Clark
( @keithclarkcouk, website )

A multi-part demo made up of 7 scenes and a soundtrack.

canvas Archipelago

By Jack Oatley
( @f_oatley, website )

Renders and animates an island scene.

webgl Moon

By K.Chplr
( @kchplr, website )

Procedurally generate a black and white 2D planet/moon in GLSL. A new one is generated every 10 seconds.