JS1k: The JavaScript code golfing competition

2019 - Ten Year Js1k!

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Create some JavaScript program with a max size of 1k and make it do something cool. Submit it before April 2019 for fame and a chance of a prize! See rules for details and existing demos for some cool examples. Entry is free and the rules are simple. Give it a try, it"s really fun!


This year there are a lot of judges who will combined construct the final top 10.

Javier Roman



Ioannis Cherouvim



Damien Seguin



Diego F. Goberna



Frederic Charette



Ateş Göral



Graham Licence



Sugendran Ganess



Josep del Río



Martin Kleppe



Claudio Cañete



Igor Sbitnev




Zoli Kahan



Bálint Csala


Petter Nyman



Philippe Deschaseaux




What's a competition if you can't win anything? Here are the prizes and the awesome companies or people that brought them to you... (Cash paid through paypal or IBAN bank transfer only)

50$ from you?

Ask — What's 50 bucks for any company, really? Ask your boss, ask yourself, ask a friend, donate some money and get everlasting fame on js1k.com


10k ¥

van der Zee — When I suggested I might put up 10k as a prize, my wife asked whether I meant Yen :p So here you go (~80 eur)


100 usd

Shutterstock — Incredible content. Endless possibilities. Shutterstock is a world-leading stock asset provider with over 250 million images, videos, and music tracks. Join our team and help us shape the future of creative storytelling


50 usd

Jordan Eldredge — In appreciation for all the JavaScript mad scientists


50 usd

Diego Goberna — In appreciation for all the participants and Peter's dedication all these years


50 usd

Aruma Studios — We are an indie studio making video games at the intersection between narrative and puzzles. We love making browser games, and js1k is a great source of inspiration. Thanks Peter and all the participants!


2^6 cad

Ateş Göral — Why put up $50 when there's the nice round number $64? (~50 usd) In appreciation of this fun compo keeping the community inspired and engaged all these years!


1024 mad

Martin Kleppe — and his company Ubilabs are donating one MAD (Moroccan Dirham) for every byte in a JS1k entry (~100 usd). Thanks for all the creativity and effort you put in this project!



Below are the last 10 submissions. The rest is on the demos overview page. Waiting for the judges verdict...

canvas Worm Trap

By Oliver Güther
( @MagnitudoOrg, website )

Click to free the worms. Multiple clicks to accelerate. Worms get trapped again, if they hit the box.

canvas 1k-physics

By rodrigo

a simple 2d physics engine

canvas Upper Class Worms

By Oliver Güther
( @MagnitudoOrg, website )

Click and hold a mouse button to open the barrier. Try to get all worms to the upper layer.

canvas Superdisco

By Piesku
( @pieskucom, website )

canvas Maximum overcast

By Siorki
( @Siorki )

Move with arrows. Smoother remake of my 2013 entry, but the weather is not as nice this year.

webgl X-Painter

By Fabio Vergani

Move mouse and make your artwork: right click and save the image. Left click: stop and go.

canvas X Marks the Spot

By Richard Sudaryono
( @gamehelp16, website )

Please read the details first!

canvas Lava Mine

By fishtastic
( website )

Escape from the rising lava. Move and dig with [Arrow Keys].

pure 3D Lissajous Curves

By Oliver Sepsik
( @Calada2, website )

Create unique 3D curves in CSS3D! Rotate them with your mouse

canvas Mandelbrot X

By Oliver Sepsik
( @Calada2, website )

Explore the Mandelbrot set with your mouse. Double click to toggle the corrupted X fractal. Zoom with the mouse wheel and change the iteration with 'Enter' and 'Space'