JS1k: The JavaScript code golfing competition

2015 - The JS1k hype train is real!

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Together the hand picked jury will pick the top 10. They are a mix of JavaScripters and demo sceners.

Rey Bango

Rey is a developer advocate at Microsoft focused on helping developers build awesome cross-browser experiences. He's an ardent supporter of standards-based development and a former member of the jQuery Project Team.

@reybango blog.reybango.com

Soledad Penadés

Sole works at the Tech Evangelism team at Mozilla, helping devs bring their awesomeness to the web and push the platform forward. She's also authored a bunch of OpenGL/WebGL demos and intros and a LOT of tracked modules.

@supersole soledadpenades.com

David Nolen

David Nolen is a lead developer of ClojureScript.

@swannodette swannodette.github.com

Charles Boccato

Known as 'cb' in the demoscene, co-organizer of DemoJS, creator of JsExe packer, multi-skilled developer, but above all, fan of code optimization.



A competition has to have prizes. Below you see an overview of the prizes and who offered them.

80 EUR

Peter van der Zee — Besides spending hours on end maintaining this website, he's also a JavaScript freelancer. Get in touch at c80.nl!


10x Ticket to Ride EU

Surfly — We have a an advanced co-browsing solution that pushes the limits of JS. Want to join us on our adventure? We will award the top 10 with the ‘Ticket to Ride’ board game. The nr1 will get the 10 year the anniversary edition.


100 USD

Make Us Proud — Solving problems through great design & engineering.


128 EUR

Infi — builds custom software for ambitious, high-growth companies that want to change the world. Beside that, we aim to be a place where developers can enjoy their work, be proud and help each other grow.


111 USD

Eel Catch — Mostly nothing to do with eels, since 2015.



Below are the final top10 demos for this compo. Check the overview page to see them all!

#1: Defender

By Keith Clark
( @keithclarkcouk, website )

Inspired by the classic arcade shooter Defender. Use the arrow keys to fly and space to fire.

#2: Mysterious Monorail

By homecoded / DESiRE
( @homecoded, website )

Ride the mysterious monorail through a misty metropolis (1:50 mins)


By Mathieu 'p01' Henri
( @p01, website )

IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is a pure, minimal arcade game about risk, reward, and rollercoasters.

#4: Train Window

By Reinder Nijhoff
( @reindernijhoff, website )

View of passing landscape from a train window. Winter is coming: wait for lakes, the night and more.

#5: Islands

By Philippe Deschaseaux
( @ehouais, website )

Procedural generation of islands (arrow keys/PgUp/PgDown to explore)

#6: Klondike

By Eugene Lapin
( website )

Most popular solitaire card game.

#7: Polyphonic Piano

By Roland Bouman
( @rolandbouman, website )

A polyphonic piano based on web audio API. Use your computer keyboard to play the piano. Also, plays a 4-part rendition of the popular canon Frere Jacques. Works in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, bu…

#8: Zop

By Zolmeister
( @Zolmeister, website )

Zop - A Game - Zolmeitser

#9: Particle Party

By HellMood / DESiRE
( website )

One million particles, raving to the beat ♪♫ Soundsystem & Fullscreen recommended!

#10: Pietime

By Evan Hahn
( @EvanHahn, website )

Tell time with pie charts.