JS1k: The JavaScript code golfing competition

2010 - Xmas

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Together the hand picked jury will pick the top 10. They are a mix of JavaScripters and demo sceners.

Peter van der Zee

He's just this guy, you know

@kuvos qfox.nl


A competition has to have prizes. Below you see an overview of the prizes and who offered them.

Holiday postcard

Peter van der Zee — There were no prizes for this competition. The winner got a holiday greetings card :)



Below are the final top10 demos for this compo. Check the overview page to see them all!

#1: Roman Cortes

( @romancortes, website )

Update for my Christmas Tree. I managed to cut about 140 bytes from the original, so I added some snow. It also works faster in Chrome 9 than the previous version.

#2: Jeremy Clarke

( @geckojsc, website )

It's a 'falling sand' game, with snow and Christmas trees!

#3: Rebecca

( @veubeke, website )

This is a hanjie puzzle(christmas edition). The goal is to cross stitch the image described by the numbers, each of which stands for a block of same-color stitches. The space between the blocks is fil…

#4: xpansive

( website )

Christmas themed demo with a tree, text, snow, and three red and green demo effects. Fire goes kinda slow in firefox but works well in chrome, opera and safari.

#5: Paul Mealy

( website )

Ski Free!

#6: Eddy Bruel

( @ejpbruel )

This is a JavaScript port of the old DOS game Scorched Earth. The goal is to make the enemy player fall from the bottom of the screen by destroying the landscape. To shoot, click anywhere on the scree…

#7: Kevin Roast

( @kevinroast, website )

Snowfield! Like a starfield (never heard of one of those in a demo comp before) but it's XMAS SNOW!!! Randomly generated snowflake shapes coming at ya.

#8: ponce

( @p0unce, website )

Winter landscape using Marijn Haverbeke's trick.

#9: Alex Jeffrey

( website )


#10: Louis T.

( @Louis_A_T, website )

EDIT: Made it slightly smaller, fixed an error in the desc.