JS1k: The JavaScript code golfing competition

2010 - The Original

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Together the hand picked jury will pick the top 10. They are a mix of JavaScripters and demo sceners.

Remy Sharp

@rem remysharp.com

Thomas Fuchs

@thomasfuchs mir.aculo.us

Patrick H. Lauke

@patrick_h_lauke splintered.co.uk

Christopher Williams

@voodootikigod voodootikigod.com


A competition has to have prizes. Below you see an overview of the prizes and who offered them.


— Winners announced at JSConf.eu



NodeJitsu — (for #1) "node.js cloud hosting and consulting"


Lego Mindstorms Kit

Q42 — Creates software for the web, mobile and the Internet of Things


Introducing HTML5

Bruce and Remy — 5x a book by Bruce Lawson (@brucel) and Remy Sharp (@rem)


Laminated 1024 Yen

Opera Developer Relations team — (in Japan). A laminated note with printed message


JavaScript Performance Rocks!

Thomas Fuchs — 10x his book


HTML5 Mobile Pro workshop

Thomas Fuchs — 3x workshop entry


JSFiddle Account

Piotr Zalewa — 10x beta account


JavaScript: The good parts

Howard — 1x this book


High Performance JavaScript

Nicholas Zakas — 2x his book


Zombie Plush

ZombieGames — 2x a zombie plush



Below are the final top10 demos for this compo. Check the overview page to see them all!

#1: Marijn Haverbeke

( @marijnjh, website )

Legend Of The Bouncing Beholder

#2: Óscar Toledo G.

( @nanochess, website )

Tiny Chess.

#3: Sjoerd Visscher

( @sjoerd_visscher, website )


#4: Mathieu 'p01' Henri

( @p01, website )

WOLF1K and the rainbow characters.

#5: Alexey Malyshev

( @alexeym, website )

True binary clock. Shows number of milliseconds since Jan 01 1970. Fits in a tweet.

#6: Stephan Seidt

( @evilhackerdude, website )

http://motherfuckinglasers.com/ done in canvas + animation

#7: Lars Rönnbäck

( website )

v1.0 First submission

#8: Crazy multiplayer 2-sided pong

By feiss
( @feiss, website )

*Crazy multiplayer 2-sided pong*

#9: Chris Smoak

( @chrissmoak )

Creates and plays a WAV or MP3 (depending on browser) of your message encoded in Morse code.

#10: Steven Wittens

( @unconed, website )

Pulsing 3d wires with volumetric beams.