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JS1k: The JavaScript code golfing competition

2013 - Spring!

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Together the hand picked jury will pick the top 10. They are a mix of JavaScripters and demo sceners.

Juriy Zaytsev

Creator of Fabric.js, blogs on perfectionkills.com, JS/ES junkie, ex-Prototype developer.

@kangax perfectionkills.com

Paul Irish

A Developer Advocate for Chrome. He's thinking a lot about how to make you more productive with tools that improve your workflow help you make slicker, sexier, mobile web apps. He works on tools like Modernizr, HTML5 Please, CSS3 Please, Yeoman, and other bits and bobs of open source code.

@paul_irish paulirish.com

Klas Kroon

Grumpy Bastard 'creative' developer at North Kingdom.

@oosmoxiecode oos.moxiecode.com

Sjoerd Visscher

Demo scener with Jello in the previous century, JavaScripter at Q42 in this one.

@sjoerd_visscher sjoerdvisscher.handcraft.com


A competition has to have prizes. Below you see an overview of the prizes and who offered them.

300 EUR

Anonymous — For the best demo


150 EUR

Uxebu — Known far and wide for their crazy work. Currently they're working on pixelplant, a flash to html5 translation service. And BonsaiJS, an svg graphics library. The prize will be given in cash.


3x 42 eur + Handcraft account

Q42 — A bunch of nerds from the Netherlands. Nerds like jury member Sjoerd Visscher. They do projects (like Rijksmuseum.nl and Meethue.com) and create products (like Handcraft) and games (like Quento). They are giving away €42 and a paid Handcraft subscription for a year to each of the three winning JS1k nerds.


65 USD

JS1k — Left over from last years competition. A 65$ voucher to use on ThinkGeek


50 USD

FetchNotes — Makes productivity as simple as a tweet. They help people keep track of the things they need and want to do, and they help them get it done too. The prize will be given in cash.


50 USD

Matt Pass — Creator of ICEcoder, has put $50 into the prize fund


50 USD

Echo JS — A social news site entirely focused on JavaScript development and front-end news


50 USD

Andrzej Mazur — A coder from Enclave Games, who organizes js13kGames, and Gamedev


50 USD

Storenvy — Building a 10 person team of hackers, engineers and designers to re-invent e-commerce


50 EUR

Björn Söderqvist — co-founder of CopenhagenJS and Malmö Open Device Lab, donates €50 to the prize fund


50 EUR

Levelap — An agile software development team in Quito, Ecuador


Effective JavaScript

Jared Wyles — offers one copy of Dave Herman&pos;s book; Effective JavaScript, to the winner


2.5 BTC

Kevin Stricker — "just a humble developer" offers 2.5 BitCoin (~ 50US$ at the time of compo) to the winner



Below are the final top10 demos for this compo. Check the overview page to see them all!

#1: Strange crystals II

By Philippe Deschaseaux
( @ehouais, website )

#2: Furbee, get out of that tunnel ASAP!

By Roman Cortes
( @romancortes, website )

#3: 3013 The 䕵 space-time fracture

By Mathieu 'p01' Henri
( @p01, website )

#4: Synth Sphere

By Noah Weninger
( @gleurop )

#5: Pointillism

By Benjamin Bill Planche
( @b_aldream, website )

#6: 3D City Tour

By Jani Ylikangas
( website )

#7: Comanche

By Siorki
( @Siorki, website )

#8: Color Factors

By Pablo Caro
( @pcaro90, website )

#9: Winter Wrap Up

By Arne
( @veubeke, website )

#10: Psychedelic animation

By Piotr Stosur