The object of this competition is to create a cool JavaScript "application" no larger than 1k. Starting out as a joke, the first version ended with a serious amount of submissions, prizes and quality.

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Ruby Sea
By Matt Stanton
( @pillowguerrilla )
Waves, slowly growing calmer. Try moving the mouse.
Levitating Love
By Andrew J. Baker
( website, @andrew_j_baker2 )
Draws levitating love hearts using a modified raycasting algorithm.
By Philippe Deschaseaux
( @ehouais )
Simplistic Minecraft-inspired sandboxing block game (v2) with: * "Infinite" map (150 units wide & cycling) * Terrain generator & renderer, with snowy mountains,... more
VNC client
By Joel Martin
( website, @noVNC )
noVNC-js1k is a VNC client in 1K of Javascript. You need a VNC server that support WebSocket connections (e.g. recent libvncserver) or you will need to run websockify in front o... more
Field of Love
By Will Ridgers
( website, @mindfuzz )
Fly through an asteroid field of 3D love hearts. Originally anaglyph images but I couldn't get it working perfectly before the deadline. Uncomment "anaglyph" lines to see... more
Roses are red
By xpansive
A demo with some 3d objects and a poem. Read the uncompressed source for more info, it's like my blog post (I don't have a blag or a wobsite). Update: saved some (5) bytes and h... more
By Paul Sonnentag
( @BrackCurly )
A puzzle game with metaballs in < 1k. Click the bubbles until they pop to trigger a chainreaction. Remove all blobs with 3 clicks to complete a level. Update: -added 3 Level... more
heart broken
By Terry van Leeuwen
The objective of this game is to get all the hearts with a two or three in them. When you find a broken heart, the game is over. On the right side and underneath the field are numb... more
Speech Synthesizer
By Mathieu 'p01' Henri
( website, @p01 )
1K JavaScript Speech Synthesizer This is a simple formant based speech synthesizer in less than 1K of JavaScript. Synthesizes speech as you type, and whole sentences upon press... more
Make Love, Not War
By Matt Pass
( website, @mattpass )
Animated sequance where tanks move in a heart shape with a heartfelt message to boot. Make love, not war, man.
Ti Amo
( website, @xavierm02 )
Plays something sounding like Ti Amo by Umberto Tozzi. /!\ Requires webkit browser (because Audio Data APIs diverge)
BBCode Parser
By Dieki Noordhoek
( website, @dieki_n )
BBCode Parser. This isn't just a quick regex; it parses the message into a tree, and so supports bbcodes with values, like [url]. Unfortunately I had to strip out most of my code f... more
Cupid's messenger
By IngeP
( website )
Help as many lovefools fall in love as you can! Hit them with Cupid's arrow. Move the mouse to get around. If you are too slow, the hearts will freeze to ice.
Chime Hero
By Arne
( website, @veubeke )
Try to win the hearts of your audience by playing along with the music. Hitting a stream when a note reaches the bar at the bottom makes the note disappear. Multiple hits in a row ... more
Love Concours
By Anthony Mann
( website, @mrnibbles )
Tendrilous hearts find a common goal. They cower in fear of your mouse cursor, and clicking will create a new vortex.
Ants love sugar
By Jaik Dean
( @jaikdean )
Click on the grass to drop a sugar cube. Ants will come out of their nest and search for sugar. When they find some, they will take a grain back to the nest releasing pheromones... more
RGB 1k
By Remco Veldkamp
( website, @remcoder )
The 3 color channels (red,green,blue) are shifted randomly such that the original image becomes distorted. Try to reconstruct the original image within the time limit. Press a butt... more
DYSP hommage
By Rene Kriest
( @rene_kriest )
This effect is a hommage to mega DYSPs on C64.
Maze Crawler
By Todd Pastel
( website, @oneImp )
Controls W - up A - left S - down D - right You are a lonely pixel looking for love in this maze of a world. The maze is generated using the recursive division method. Th... more
By Jordan Santell
( website, @jsantell )
Pretty hearts for pretty people
By Kambfhase
( @Kambfhase )
Alrik is a stupid chat bot. No smart algorithms here. Just Math.random(). Lots of room for improvements left.
By Martin Kleppe
( website, @aemkei )
Spread the love by absorbing all the positive energy around you. The goal is to fuse with the warm glowing blobs. But beware: Others might grow to big and turn into negative energy... more
By Teddy Cross
( website, @tkazec )
Heartworks :) Simply sit back and enjoy the show. For some more fun, click to trigger bursts, or press any key for a finale of sorts. Credits: * Originally based on the samp... more
Clock which shows love
By Pi Ke
( website, @PixelstechNet )
It is an analog clock. It seem irrelevant to love, but from a broad view, when we see the second hand ticks every second. It reminds us time is flying, we should love people around... more
Polar Morph
By Tyler Beck
Click somewhere in the box to begin drawing morphing polar equations (hint: where you click to begin matters). Move your cursor around to affect how the form moves. You can click ... more
Gimme Love
By Erida Dule
( website )
Use left and right arrows to move the trampoline and make her gather all the love. Inspired from classic Atari game Clowns & Balloons. Minified by, crushed... more
Interactive Particle System
By Jarrod Overson
( website, @jsoverson )
Interactive particle system with three setups. Click to repel, press a key to see something new
Cloudy heart
By Timo Tuominen
( website, @tehmou )
Uses 3d simplex noise to fill a heart with red and black. The algorithm itself ended up taking most of the space - even after reducing quality - leaving little room for other stuff... more
Heart Attack
By Arne
( website, @veubeke )
Defend your heart against waves of skulls by building a maze of towers but without blocking the way completely. Regular towers cost $2 and attack one enemy at a time but you can bu... more
Sinewave ballad
By Mathieu Peyral
Sinewave image deformation + 2 voice synthesized music <br><br> Long precomputation time (20s on a fast machine), please be patient. <br><br> Music from... more
Autumn Evening
By Philip Buchanan
( website )
In my opinion, the most romantic scene is an autumn evening, just at sunset when the sky turns red and everything looks so beautiful and warm. So I was inspired to write this scene... more
By Vince Allen
( website, @vinceallenvince )
Click to bleed and revive your heart.
Radiant Love
By Daniël Haveman
( website )
Lattice of Love
By Matt Sweetman
( website )
Interactive heart-shaped spirograph. Click and move your mouse to change the shape.
Love concentration
By Matthieu
Love concentration game: find matching male and female characters (same color / same background)
Heart Strings
By Greg Kepler
( website, @GregKepler )
Each time the script is run, a heart-shaped spider web is generated.
Love Feelings
By Jocelyn NATALI
It's that you can feel when your are in love. Full window colored plasma.
Liquid Heart
By Claudio Cañete (Neco)
( website, @claudiocc )
Liquid simulation using Lagrangian particles. Updated version with 3D rendering (much more CPU intensive). Thanks to Infern0 for nice design tips. Last update: Optimized for sp... more
Love tunnel
By John Metcalfe
Find your way through the cave! Press the mouse button (and keep it pressed) to go up. Catch the coins for extra points and try to get the four achievements! I finally manage... more
Imperial Sprital
By Tadas
( website, @tadas_t )
Mood in the Republic are elevated as the dark lord Vader falls in love. He scraps the plans to build the Deathstar and builds an artificial planet system instead. With some help... more
love float
By junt
hearts and somethings fall and float. it can be controlled a little by moving mouse
Love to play
By Guy Halford-Thompson
( website, @guyht )
Retro arcade game. Don't break your heart!
By Scott Ellis
( @QOAL )
Attosmash is a 1K interpretation of Astrosmash. A seemingly never ending asteroid shower is raining down on earth. It's your job to plough the skies and help save the day. Mov... more
Where is LOVE?
By roylory
( website, @roylory )
Word search game. Search for LOVE!
Hungry Hungry Hippos
By Brett Wejrowski
( website, @brettwejrowski )
Press any button to play; you are the Blue Hippo on the right. The classic board game in the browser.
Searchable Task Manager
By Thomas Greiner
( website, @ThomasGreiner )
You can add and remove tasks. Enter multiple tasks at once by separating them with a comma. A resettable counter shows how many tasks have been added and the total amount of tasks.... more
♥ Memory Card Game
By Gavriel Fleischer
( website, @gavriel )
Classic Memory Card Game. You need to find the pairs of cards. Click on the cards to flip them.
Pink tunnel of Love
By Martijn de Boer
( website, @sexybiggetje )
A liitle pink tunnel effect. Handcompressed. The love is in the code.
It's fading away
By Felix Woitzel
( website, @Flexi23 )
Paints a procedural heart to an offscreen buffer's imageData , then a custom blur and a subtle fade to black filter are applied. The 256x256 pixel buffer is stretched to fullscree... more
Canvas piano
By Sergey Shchur
( @antyrat )
To play on canvas piano just click on notes you see on canvas. Also you can check how it works by pressing Für Elise button. It will play Ludwig van Beethoven's famoust composition. ♥♥♥
1k Spirograph
By Andrew Cattau
An animated version of one of my favorite childhood toys. Use arrow keys and Home/End to change the drawing parameters. Aside from how much I loved playing with these, the theme i... more
By Willian Carvalho
( website, @chambftw )
A game where you have to avoid the balls as much as you can
1k Matchmaker
By Sergio Kuba
( website, @sergiokuba )
Find the other half! Click and select these bit people's dreamt person.
Love Story of a Tree
By Oliver Güther
( website )
A conifer changes into a bloomy tree after receiving some love. Maybe you see Pascal's triangle or a heart shape in the tree :) Keys: L(ove) or any other key - Start transforma... more
Cellular Automaton
By Mark Biesheuvel
( website, @Mark_Biesheuvel )
A (multiple) heart(s) shaped cellelar automaton in which each cell keeps moving in the same direction. Full description on website. (
Love Is
By Tom Scheper
( website, @xieke )
"Love Is" describes what love is with colour and meaning. If you move your mouse over the canvas, you can find the hidden heart and click it to see a different meaning of love.
The tunnel of love game
By Prinzhorn
( website, @Prinzhorn )
Navigate your arrow through the tunnel of love. Avoid the walls! Controls: left/right arrow keys. p to pause, any key to unpause.
Love Missil Command
By feiss
( website, @feiss )
Classic Missil Command game in 1k! I had to remove "game over" state, but the game is fully playable. Buildings are progressively destroyed by enemies, game speed is inc... more
By Bert Peters
( website, @solution-info )
Heart shaped metablobs! Click to randomly create new ones, middle-mouse-click (or right, but that opens a context menu) to fling every blob in a new direction.
Cupid's ♥ Collection
By Andi Smith
( website, @andismith )
Jetpack style game. Press any key to play, then any key to fly (keep key held to fly higher). Cupid is flying through the love wasteland seeking out his lost heart collection. C... more
First Crush
By Tim Down
( @tpdown )
Attempts to reduce the size of minified JavaScript by replacing repeated strings with single characters. Latest update reduces output by two characters thanks to a suggestion by @v... more
By Dmitriy Kon
( website, @metreech )
This is Asteroids-like game for all game-lovers :) Rules: you need to avoid asteroids(squares) and try to destroy them. Bigger square makes more damage, but you gain more scores f... more
snake game
By Huseyin Yilmaz
( website, @yilmaz_huseyin )
Classic snake game. Collect hearts before your opponent do. Use arrow keys to control your snake.
Shooting star
By Marjoe
All our lives shining like shooting stars But when we meet We leave our heart:)
Slime Loveyball
By Tim Down
( @tpdown )
Now updated implementation of Slime Volleyball, a sort-of-cult web game from around a decade ago. The game is volleyball. You play as the yellow "slime" on the left, the ... more
Aleph you
By Sean Seefried
( @seanseefried )
Hyperspace Hearts
By James Counihan
( website )
DESC: ♥ Fly into the heart of the wormholes to get the love! ♥ Points & time-limit - can you top 22 hyperjumps? ♥ Final Version
By Alexander Ivanov
( @alehander42 )
haml1k converts static haml markup into html.(markup in the left textarea , result in the right one after a click on the button(tab , space is a shortcut) it supports #id , .class... more
Save Messed Up Love
By Huan Du
( website, @huandu )
Hey, my love is messed up. Can you help me to recover it? I want a perfect love! It's a tiny game controlled by ARROW keys. Use the blank at top-left corner wisely to re-order t... more
shoot the hearts!
By bogdan gradianriu
( @gion_13 )
Hey there, pseudo-cupid! You have some big shoes to fill... use the arrow keys to aim and space to fire. Save the world by projecting love into every heart!
8-Bit RPG Battle!
By Hugo Bonacci
( website, @hugoware )
Watch an 8-bit RPG battle unfold in epic 1K goodness!
By Harald Lacherstorfer
( website )
EKG style heartbeat animation.
Feed The Geeks!
By Joan Creus
With Love! We, the geeks, have seen things you people wouldn't believe. Program wonders with just 1024 bytes. And, yet, if you don't feed them with love, all those moments will be ... more
By Uwe Fleischer
( website )
fully functional (if a bit limited) tracking WebApp, uses localStorage, so the data will be persisted and you can keep tracking
Heart Drawing Tweet
By Todd Wolfson
( website )
Sketches a red heart surrounding an inner white heart
Love is in the air
By Edwin Martin
( website, @edwinmdev )
The text "Love is in the air", made of hearts, waving in a moving, cloudy sky.
By Roland Bouman
( website, @rolandbouman )
A lovely javascript shell. Type a javascript expression and hit Enter to evaluate and print the result. Use the print() function to write to the shell's stdout. Usual keystrokes li... more
To all my fans
By Tom Scheper
( website )
Floating hearts that show a message written in white. My first effort at this, it's not as impressive as some of the entries on this site, but I'm pretty happy with it.
Love has no gender
By Vincent Thibault
( website, @robrowser )
Sex particles that generate a heart. Optimize for the script size, not for the frame-rate, can run a little slow on some browsers (I recommend Chrome, IE and Safari). First su... more
By ghenesis
Just a realtime plasma of love
By Matthew Erickson
( @byteology )
Draws some colourful cardioids on the screen.
To Do List
By Richard Zhang
( website )
To do list kept in local storage. So close browser don't lose items. Enter -- create new item. Delete -- delete item. Backspace -- delete char. Up/Down -- move.
By Peter Jaric
( website, @peterjaric )
A client-side only version of jsbin, jsfiddle, etc. Click the "Run" button to run the code in the left-most editor in the HTML defined in the second editor. The result... more
Computer Love
By Graham Licence
( website, @grahamlicence )
Kraftwerk cover
Functional Love
By Nuno Job
( website, @dscape )
Pattern matching in javascript for asynchronous iteration
Love Neo-Plasticism
By ewoudj
( website, @ewoudj )
Gallery of Neo-Plasticism art.
Scheme AST drawer
By Alexander Ivanov
The user can click on the canvas and enter a scheme exression. The script parses it and draws a simple syntax tree for the expression.
Why am I single ?
By Victor Nicollet
( website, @victorNicollet )
Simulates 128 males and 128 females randomly bouncing around, and becoming paired when opposite genders meet. Relationships end after a while (and are followed by a short no-relati... more
Flowery ant trail
By Raf Vanlathem
An ant falls in love and leaves a flowery trail.
Heart Binary Clock
By FxN
( website, @efexen )
Simple heart binary clock. My first ever demo submission so thank you to all other entries for tricks & to my girlfriend Lara for putting up with me whilst messing around with this
Falling dots
By Bjørnar Fjær
( website, @bjornargf )
Falling dots within a rotating heart shape.
By javisantana
( website, @javisantana )
a one button game, try to not collide with the blocks!
What Lies Beneath
By Adis Hamzić
( website, @hamzadis )
Use your mouse to discover what is beneath the mask of fire. Technical description can be found here:
Drawing with hearts
By Zofia Korcz
( @intuitio )
Just get your cursor on canvas to draw hearts :)
Mini Love Text
By cartuchogl
( website, @cartuchogl )
After first try using canvastext, I use span elements to make mini love text animation.
By Mega
click and boom... ♥
Significant Whitespace
By Peter van der Zee
( website, @kuvos )
This is a complete Whitespace compiler and interpreter. Whitespace is a fun language consisting of just three significant characters; space, tab and newline. The rest is ignored. I... more
I Love Math
By Damien Fayol
( @shezard )
Just some random experiment with math and love. Updated (thx @maettig)
I have a Crush on JS
By Aivo Paas
( website, @aivopaas )
JavaScript crusher with UI and a demo run on its own uncrushed source - all of that in 1024 bytes. This is an improved version of the original crusher which was made for crushin... more
sprites of love
By ahonga!
( website )
A tribute to old Atari ST demos with many sprites, text scroll and water reflection...and love :)
Conway's Game of Life
By Aaron Marasco
( website, @aaronm67 )'s_Game_of_Life Click or Click/Drag to make shapes, then click "Go" to start the simulation.
By #ponce
( website, @p0unce )
shadowBlur is still cute.
hard to draw
By Ron Valstar
( website, @sjeiti )
Draws hearts in the shape of a heart
Pipe Dream
By Scott Ellis
( @QOAL )
A version of the classic Pipe Dream/Mania game. See how high you can score before the water catches up! * Click to place a piece of pipe. -- You can see the up coming pipes on... more
JS Music Box
By Troy Whiteley
( website, @dawnerd )
Generates a stream of audio, like a music box. Safari has an issue on windows with audio. You have to have quicktime installed, which is silly.
Breakout Love
By Armel
( @ArmelNL )
A breakout game.
Catchy Hearts
By Thiemo Mättig
( website, @maettig )
Instructions: Move the mouse. Catch the hearts. Reload if the hearts are distorted. Full screen recommended. The game gets 25% faster every level. It never ends. Missing love do... more
I <3 XOR
By Jon Faviell
( website )
Radius is determined by mouse location. Yet another update to save a few more bytes.
Colorwheel 1K
By Brian Grinstead
( website, @bgrins )
HSV Colorpicker with RGB conversion.
Lovely Supershape Editor
By Andrew Luetgers
( @lootsauce )
UPDATE ♥ Heart now radiating animated beams of love! ♥ Adjust the shape by typing or dragging horizontally on the inputs then save the SVG file! Shift-drag for 10x adjustment. The ... more
Heart strobe
By Aaron
( @__underscore )
Trippy strobe animation. A work in progress, going to try adding some interactivity next
A Rose is a Rose
By Roman Cortes
( website, @romancortes )
I took the original static rose and made it rotate by storing points in a voxel structure, and then rotating and projecting on the screen. I'm generating points and rotating at the... more
Heart Ninja
By Benjamin de Jager
( @M0rph3v5 )
When the heart is at it's max height hit spacebar to slice the heart. Slicing a heart increases your score by 1, missing it will reset your score to 0. Try getting your score as high as possible ;)
Cursor In Love
By Michael Vinogradov
( website, @interfacemaster )
As you move your mouse around the screen, the cursor pours out it's heart to you.
Love Your Classics
By Richard Foligno
( @BlazeCoder )
Remake of the classic Snake game, gotta love your classics! Use W,A,S,D to move and N to start a new game. Tweet me your scores!
♥ 4 snake
By Steven Scott
( website )
Classic snake remake. Text based with added hearts ♥♥♥. Use the cursor keys to move up, down, left & right. Enjoy xxx
Spreading Love Liebe Amor
By ps
( website, @psenough )
Explosion of love in different languages. A mashup of entries 1045 and 1057.
Love is Infinite
By Tom Boutell
( website, @boutell )
Mandelbrot explorer! Zoom in, zoom out, save locations. Click at any time, don't wait for a render.
Hearts everywhere ;)
By Karol Białowąs
It draws hearts - click anywhere inside the window to add/remove a bit of chaos ;).
By Daniel R.
( website, @sadasant )
Click to fork the flying heart. Inspired on:
By Coyotee
( website, @coyotee3 )
Invokes images of Michael Jackson
Exploding hearts
By Daniel Connor
( @pixlCoder )
Creates an image of blocks that explodes when clicked. After a while the blocks return to their original positions.
Particles in Love
By Jack Rugile
( website, @jackrugile )
Lovely particles flying around. Move your mouse to change particle direction and color, based on a color wheel.
By Rune Moennike
( website, @runemoennike )
Falling hearts with slight wind on a calm twinkly star and moon background.
Love trails
By Rauri Rochford
( website, @raurir )
Trails of particles describe a heart.
Love is (colour) blind
By Dethe Elza
( website, @dethe )
Animated 3D heart over animated background. Background is still in progress.
Heart Hunter
By tragicphantom
Shoot some hearts with your "bow" cupid.
Magic Carpet
By Alistair MacDonald
( website )
Magic Carpet contains a tiny 3D engine for the 2D Canvas with a Draw Loop that rotates a modulated wire-frame landscape with cyclic colors.
heart beats
By jonp
Love of Fractals
By Eser Aygün
( website, @eseraygun )
The script executes given L-system code and generates fractals on the screen. This is the Hilbert curve: iters: 7 angle: 90 start: "L" L: "-Rf+LfL+fR-" R... more
Game of Nim
By John R. D'Orazio
( website, @Lwangaman )
/***********************************************************/ /* GAME OF NIM */ /* ------------------------ ... more
Love message
By Romaindr
( website, @romaindr )
Spread love with Hearts!
Tunnel of Love
By Madison Williams
( website )
This is a game where a stalker is trying to get between you and your love. Collect hearts to slow him down, but he'll always get there eventually!
Solitaire Hearts
By Andrew Rodham
( @AndiRodham )
Solitaire style bouncing hearts
Spreading Love
By Stijn Van Minnebruggen
( website, @donotfold )
Explosion of love :)
Bouncing Hearts
By Barry O Sullivan
( @Bosulli_DUB )
When you're in love you can't help but feel like your heart is out of control, bouncing all over the place, colliding with others in strange ways.
Plasma of love
By Kevin Roast
( website, @kevinroast )
A trippy pink plasma field with a parametric heart curve effect.
Lost in the dark
By Simon Fremaux
( @dievardump )
A little Heart, lost in the dark, followed by weird things, is looking for an escape.
Colorful hearts
By troti13
( website, @troti13 )
Front end developer @thesedaysBE
1K Minesweeper
By Jason Manners
( website, @JasonManners )
Simple Minesweeper without flagging. Uncover all the cells except the mines and you Win! Click on a mine and you lose =( There are 8 mines per game. Good Luck!
Don't Shoot...
By P Holland
( @Erifdex )
The love bullet strikes again.
By Roy Evan Sia
( @pr00t )
Love in different languages.
Hearts in Space
By Jason
Fly through space where the stars are hearts!
Lapis Rose
By Jim Bumgardner
( website, @jbum )
An interpretation of the Rose equation.
Dragon Heart
By Kevin Greer
Flying dragon forms heart shape with its wings.
It makes the heart spin...
By Martijn Bosgraaf
( @DrywFiltiarn )
A 3d spinning heart with flat shading. The mesh is generated on the fly.
Heart Trails
By David Higgins
( website, @daveyhiggins )
A mouse trail with Unicode heart symbols! ♥
The love helix
By Chris Heilmann
( website, @codepo8 )
Love is at the center of all life.
By Andrea Giammarchi
( website, @WebReflection )
An almost fully implemented markdown parser in less than 1025 bytes ... nothing else :-)
Love lost and found
By Simon Madine
( website, @thingsinjars )
After a quick intro animation, this generates a 'Perfect Maze' using one algorithm then sends a little heart running around trying to find his true love at the other side using ano... more
Heart petals
By Maurice Svay
( website, @mauriz )
Draws a heart with hearts
Hidden Love
By Manel Villar
( @galchwyn )
Shows your love when the mouse moves across the screen. You can change the text using... the keyboard. 'Enter' key deletes text. '+' increases font size. '-' decreases font size.
Cartesian Grapher
By Matt Neary
( website )
Prompts user for a function to graph. Includes sin, cos, tan, sqrt, PI, and exp amongst other math functions.
modern art generator
By sqek
( website )
up or down to change speed, left or right to change sharpness, randomly draws modern art
Chain Reaction
By Ben
Click anywhere on the screen to start a chain reaction. Pass the level quota, and you advance!
Broken Heart
By Floriaen
( website, @floriaen )
The colors of the broken heart are changing on both parts until they match.
Organ1k ♥ Edition
By "Cowboy" Ben Alman
( website, @cowboy )
Randomized unicode hearts in geometric patterns. You can also play with them using the mouse. Enjoy!
Pixel Love
By Aaron Snoswell
( website, @aaronsnoswell )
Some pixel-art love for everyone. Renders a spinning, pixel art heart.
By Michael
Paints growing and fading hearts across the screen.
By Peter Braden
( website, @peterbraden )
Mandelbrot Heart
love ALL the web
By Andrea Giammarchi
( website, @WebReflection )
harts all over the page while mouse or touch move plus bigger centered hart on click
random phrases love
By Fabio Piva Francone
( website, @fabiodglass )
Generator of random phrases of love, where pressing F5 to refresh the web page will also update the sentence.
True love journey
By Christian
( website, @makepanic )
Finding your love is hard. Don't give up, somewhere out there is the right person for you. arrow keys/wasd to move space to date someone The search is over, if you find the ... more
Campsite Firefighter
By Paul Milham
( website, @domrein )
This may not seem like love, but you'd love it too if you ever peed on a camp fire. Mash keys to pee on the fire and put it out!
Love is pure
By Bernhard Hofmann
( website, @bernhardhofmann )
Something to get the ball rolling. My first canvas code EVAR!
funky fabric
By vor
( website, @_vor )
generate an infinite colorful land of color