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2010 - Xmas

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By Jeremy Clarke
( @geckojsc, website )

It's a 'falling sand' game, with snow and Christmas trees!

By cody D
( website )

Gnarly Pow

By Rebecca
( @veubeke, website )

This is a hanjie puzzle(christmas edition). The goal is to cross stitch the image described by the numbers, each of which stands for a block of same-color stitches. The space between the blocks is fil…

By "Cowboy" Ben Alman
( @cowboy, website )

Organ1k, Xmas-style... just like before, but 100% more festive! Note, that 100% is comprised of 50% "phoning it in" and 50% "using `with` for profit"

By Yuri Ivatchkovitch
( @y3i12, website )

SnowBall Adventures

By Dima Taranenko
( @equilibrante, website )

This is a good-old Join the Dots game.

By Sebastian Volland
( @sebtyp, website )

snowmen from planet snowball are invading planet earth! in fact, they just want to help us fight global warming, but the president wants to test his new supercanon, this is a good occasion!

By Rui Lopes
( @ruidlopes, website )

172-byte falling snow flakes.

By Alex Sc

A small game where you use your left/right arrow keys to move your bauble and dodge the snowflakes, while your score increases with time alive.

By Chris Price
( @100pxls, website )

Snow scene with a personalised message.

By Chris Price
( website )

Snow scene with a personalised message. Anything in the hash will show up as the message.

By xpansive
( website )

Christmas themed demo with a tree, text, snow, and three red and green demo effects. Fire goes kinda slow in firefox but works well in chrome, opera and safari.

By Louis T.
( @Louis_A_T, website )

EDIT: Made it slightly smaller, fixed an error in the desc.

By Kevin Roast
( @kevinroast, website )

Snowfield! Like a starfield (never heard of one of those in a demo comp before) but it's XMAS SNOW!!! Randomly generated snowflake shapes coming at ya.

By Louis T.
( @Loueypoo, website )

Snowball Fight (multiplayer)

By Cara McKinley
( @thereisnonesuch, website )

v1.1 - fixed mouse coordinates difference in new env

By Gísli Konráð
( @gislikonrad )

Simple particle system of snow flakes with a tree in the center of the scene.

By Eddy Bruel
( @ejpbruel )

This is a JavaScript port of the old DOS game Scorched Earth. The goal is to make the enemy player fall from the bottom of the screen by destroying the landscape. To shoot, click anywhere on the scree…

By Cara McKinley
( @thereisnonesuch, website )

Who uses scissors and paper anymore? It's craft time, in the digital age. Create your very own snowflake by clicking points on the wedge - clicking on the starting point of a shape closes and cuts out…

By Scott Smith
( @sshueso )

Left/Right arrows move paddle. Now grab some balls for Xmas!

By Alex Jeffrey
( website )


By Ægir Þorsteinsson
( @thorsteinsson, website )

Christmas skiing

( website )

Just wait for Santa Claus ...

By Patrick Wong

Snowglobe! rotate the globe by moving the mouse from left and right.

By Gavin Suntop
( @gvn, website )

XMASS Light Hanger

By Paul Mealy
( website )

Ski Free!

By Marcy Sutton
( website )

Draw on an ornament with JS and canvas!

By triapple

Snowglobe! rotate by moving mouse left and right

By Matthew Lein
( @matthewlein, website )

Melty the Snowman

By Roman Cortes
( @romancortes, website )

Update for my Christmas Tree. I managed to cut about 140 bytes from the original, so I added some snow. It also works faster in Chrome 9 than the previous version.

By ponce
( @p0unce, website )

Winter landscape using Marijn Haverbeke's trick.

By Alex Jeffrey
( website )

Santa has only 60 presents left to pack before Christmas. However, he went out for a few drinks last night and ended up doing some pretty obscene things to a few of the remaining presents. Help him cl…

By Gísli Konráð

Show an xmas tree with falling snow.

By Gavin Suntop
( @gvn, website )

XMASS Light Hanger!

By Rebecca
( @veubeke, website )

It's a xmas puzzle that is solved by dragging the pieces around and it contains a little surprise for finishing.

By Dan Newcome
( @dnewcome, website )

Save Christmas from marauding zombie snowmen!

By Jason Brown
( @loktar00, website )

3D Christmas Tree with a star and snow.

By Román Cortés
( @romancortes, website )

3D Christmas Tree - Works faster in Chrome

By Louis T.
( @Loueypoo, website )

See how many 'presents' you can click before they disappear!

By Ideal Machine
( @idealmachine, website )

You are Santa Claus, and your goal is to deliver presents to as many houses as you can. Press a key to drop a present into a chimney. You score ten points for each present you successfully deliver. Be…

By Rebecca
( @veubeke, website )

It's a christmas puzzle! Drag the pieces to solve.

By Skilldrick
( @skilldrick, website )

Snowball Escape!